What if you could Avoid Liquidation?

Even when things appear hopeless, there are choices as to how to deal with the situation and improve the outcome for you.

Advisers with vested interests will suggest a particular course of action because it is best for them BUT that may not produce the best outcome for you!

For example, a liquidator will try to sell you a liquidation BUT once sold, a liquidator acts for the creditors – They Do Not act for you. They Do Not act in your best interest!

So why pay thousands for a liquidation when you are not the client?

Why pay only to become the target of the liquidator’s investigations and legal claims?

You must know that

There are many options besides liquidation

We help company directors by assessing and explaining all the options in an open and unbiased manner. We act in your best interest alone and as such, achieving the best financial outcome for you is our goal.

With the information and guidance that we alone can provide,  you will fully understand the benefits and risks to you of each  possible step and you will then be able to make an informed decision as to which option or course of action is truly in your best interest.

You must strategically plan for liquidation

To achieve your best financial outcome in a difficult situation, you must strategically plan for all possibilities.

And the first step to planning is to fully understand your situation and appreciate all the options available to you.

Only with that information can you decide on the most appropriate course of action – and that may involve delaying or avoiding liquidation until such time as a formal appointment is strategically in your best interest.

The truth is, subjecting yourself to a liquidation without planning for all possible outcomes or fully understanding the implications to you is foolish.

Information and advice that is in your best interest

Advice and information from The Insolvency Experts is tailored to your specific circumstances and is for your benefit alone. Call 24 Hours/7 Days for a confidential discussion – 1300 767 525